Laurel & Hardy Feature Films

As the economics of motion picture exhibition changed in the 1930s, Hal Roach needed to produce feature-length vehicles for Laurel & Hardy. Filmgoers then and now treasure WAY OUT WEST, BLOCK-HEADS and SONS OF THE DESERT among their best full-length feature films. After SAPS AT SEA (1940) Laurel & Hardy left the Hal Roach Studios and signed with major studios 20th Century-Fox and MGM. From 1941-1945 they made eight feature films - six for Fox and two for MGM. In 1951 Laurel & Hardy made their final film appearance together in the disastrous UTOPIA, aka ATOLL K.


Laurel & Hardy Feature Films for the Hal Roach Studios (1931-1940)
1931 Pardon Us
1932 Pack Up Your Troubles
1933 Fra Diavolo (aka The Devil's Brother)
  Sons of the Desert
1934 Babes in Toyland (aka March of the Wooden Soldiers)
1935 Bonnie Scotland
1936 The Bohemian Girl
  Our Relations
1937 Way Out West
1938 Block-Heads
  Swiss Miss
1940 A Chump at Oxford
  Saps at Sea
Laurel & Hardy Feature Films for FOX and MGM (1941-1945)
1941 Great Guns (20th Century Fox)
1942 A-Haunting We Will Go (20th Century Fox)
1943 Air Raid Wardens (MGM)
  Jitterbugs (20th Century Fox)
  Dancing Masters (20th Century Fox)
1944 The Big Noise (20th Century Fox)
  Nothing But Trouble (MGM)
  The Bullfighters (20th Century Fox)

Other Laurel & Hardy Feature Films

1939 The Flying Deuces
1951 Utopia (aka Atoll K, Robinson Crusoeland)