Laurel & Hardy Silent Shorts

Not yet a team, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy first appeared together in the independent film THE LUCKY DOG, which we now believe was shot in early 1921. During the 1920s they appeared separately in a number of silent shorts for the Hal Roach Studios. 45 MINUTES FROM HOLLYWOOD (1926) is the first Hal Roach production featuring both performers. Their characters blossomed as a team in DUCK SOUP, their very next film, then, curiously, regressed.

The independent recollections of both Stan Laurel and Hal Roach cite PUTTING PANTS ON PHILIP (1927) as the first Laurel & Hardy film. THE SECOND HUNDRED YEARS (1927) was promoted as the first official Laurel & Hardy release, but the film was actually produced and sold as part of the Hal Roach All-Star series. It was not until SHOULD MARRIED MEN GO HOME? (1928) that the studio officially branded their pictures as "The Laurel & Hardy Series." 

Their First Film?
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Laurel & Hardy Silent Shorts (1921-1929)
1921 The Lucky Dog
1927 The Battle of the Century
  Duck Soup
  Do Detectives Think?
  Flying Elephants
  Hats Off
  Love 'Em and Weep
  Putting Pants on Philip
  Sailors Beware!
  The Second 100 Years
  Slipping Wives
  Sugar Daddies
  Why Girls Love Sailors
  With Love and Hisses
1928 Early to Bed
  The Finishing Touch
  From Soup to Nuts
  Leave 'Em Laughing
  Should Married Men Go Home?
  That's My Wife
  Their Purple Moment
  Two Tars
  We Faw Down
  You're Darn Tootin'
1929 Angora Love
  Bacon Grabbers
  Big Business
  Double Whoopee
  Habeas Corpus
  Wrong Again