Zenobia (1939)

Produced by Hal Roach
Directed by Gordon Douglas

Featuring Oliver Hardy, Harry Langdon, Billie Burke, Alice Brady, James Ellison, Jean Parker, June Lang, J. Farrell MacDonald, Stepin Fetchit, Hattie McDaniel…and 'Zenobia'


 Henry Tibbett (Oliver Hardy) is a doctor in a small Southern town of the 1870's. Dr Tibbett's expertise is often unrewarded, owing to his twin habits of waiving fees and dismissing wealthy hypochondriacs. The kindly physician meets his greatest challenge when a travelling showman, Dr. McCrackles (Harry Langdon) brings him an unusual patient - a sick elephant named Zenobia.

During Stan Laurel's temporary absence from the Hal Roach studio, Oliver Hardy appeared in ZENOBIA (also known as ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGET) playing, in essence, himself - a gentleman from the South. In support is another great from the silent screen, Harry Langdon, who had recently joined Laurel & Hardy's writing team.